6 Office Design Elements That Make a Difference

6 Office Design Elements That Make a Difference




02 Dec 2021

When it comes to creating a conducive and productive workplace, it’s all in the details.

Redesigning your office space doesn’t always necessarily mean a complete design overhaul. At times, simple and inexpensive changes may be what it takes to revive and rejuvenate the office. If you’re looking for office design ideas that will impress your visitors and motivate your employees, here are six tips that have the power to transform your workplace significantly.

#1: Greenery

greenery office design singapore

A heightened focus on sustainability, coupled with the need to rethink the future of the workplace in a post-pandemic era, has led to organisations implementing biophilic design at the office. Biophilic design uses elements of nature such as natural materials, natural light and greenery to boost productivity and well-being.

Blending the outdoors into your office design has various benefits. For one, it improves air quality and reduces the need for costly electric powered humidifiers or air purifiers. In addition, certain plants can impact employee productivity and innovation processes as well!  Plants featuring warm colour tones such as red, yellow and orange stimulate the brain and boost energy levels. Cypress vines are one such example and a stunning addition to any office. If a quiet office is what you desire, plants with broad leaves are wonderfully effective in absorbing background noise.

#2: Feature Wall

feature wall commercial interior project

A feature wall can serve multiple purposes in a commercial interior project. It can be a branding backdrop that greets your visitors upon arrival, a platform to project your company vision and values to generate top of mind recall among employees, and double up as a memorable photo wall.  

#3: Homely Interiors

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Instead of traditional and sterile-looking workplaces, the right details in workplace design can help create offices that resemble the home, resulting in more welcoming and cosy spaces for employees to unwind and socialise in.

This can be accomplished by incorporating lounge furniture into the office to create an elegant living-room-like feel. Think soft sofas, bean bag chairs and rugs in a warm colour palette, complemented by a personalised touch with vases, books and artworks.

#4: Lighting

ceiling tiles office design singapore

Just like in homes and restaurants, lighting in office design can significantly change the mood and ambience of the workplace. It can also impact employees’ focus and productivity. For instance, exposure to harsh fluorescent lighting for prolonged periods of time may cause eye strains such as sore, burning or watery eyes, double vision and increased sensitivity to light.

Conversely, warm lighting is easier on the eyes and creates a warm and inviting vibe that may even make people want to stay in the office after work.

#5: Double-glazed Glass Partition Walls

company reception commercial interior project

Double glazed partitions are a great way of breaking up space in an office without making permanent changes to the layout. They invite more natural light into the office, eradicate the need for additional lighting and create an open plan feel without compromising on privacy.

Operable walls also reduce the need for intensive construction work to create separate workspaces. In addition, there are double-glazed versions that help cut down on ambient noise, and are available in curvilinear versions, making them both an elegant and inexpensive choice for any office, no matter how big or small.

#6: Acoustic Control

acoustic panel commercial interior design

Beyond aesthetics, ensuring a conducive working environment for employees is still the most important element in office design. After all, it is what employees require to work effectively and productively. Unwanted noise tends to be one of the biggest distractions from work, thereby making acoustic control crucial.

Your office acoustics should be considered as an essential component of your commercial interior project. Small design details like tactile carpets along bare corridors, plants and phone booths can contribute to greater acoustic control. You can even implement acoustic screens around your office to control noise discernment in different premises. Since acoustic panels and screens come in a variety of designs and styles, finding one that matches your aesthetic preference is made possible

Affordability and aesthetics need not be mutually exclusive when it comes to workplace design in Singapore. If you’re planning an office refurbishment project, consider the above design elements. Not only do they elevate aesthetics, but they also contribute to employee productivity and satisfaction, making it worth the investment.

Still unsure about the best way to design your office? We are here to help! As specialists in the art of workplace transformation, we at ID21 are confident and keen on inspiring you with stunning office design ideas catered to your preferences and more importantly within your budget. Contact us today for more information.