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7 Perfect Spaces for Better Meetings

7 Perfect Spaces for Better Meetings




22 Feb 2021

As companies in today’s workplace landscape grow more complex and global, how well individuals and teams collaborate become key to business success. Research has shown that for many companies, the amount of time spent by managers and employees in collaborative activities has compounded by 50% or more. Therefore, it is imperative for businesses to prioritise creating a conducive environment to perform collaborative work.

Designing spaces that promote and encourage collaboration is especially crucial due to the ongoing health crisis. Many of us have been working from home for an extended period of time, and while many benefits have been reaped from this new way of working, its limitations have also come to light. Studies have shown that many employees miss the conviviality of the office, where they can build social connections, engage in casual encounters as well as to feel a sense of belonging. Therefore, more spaces in the office should be designed to encourage such shared experiences, thereby creating value for employees through community building and effective communication.

What can these meeting spaces look like? Gone are the days where meetings occurred in a dull, sterile four-walled room with stiff chairs and a whiteboard. The concept of the conventional meeting room has evolved as businesses and their employees continually redefine the way they collaborate with one another. From collaboration pods and bar counters to formal boardrooms and flexible event or townhall spaces, today’s workplaces should have a variety of meeting settings to provide options to employees to decide how they wish to collaborate and work together.

Here are seven different settings that serve as optimal environments for better meetings:

Hybrid Collaboration Space

To support today’s paradigm shift to the hybrid workplace – where the amalgamation of an analogue and remote way of work has emerged, a unique collaboration space has been carved out in the new office of a leading IT solutions provider. A semi-enclosed collaboration pod faces a TV monitor equipped with audio-visual capabilities, while high tables and barstools accommodate additional meeting participants. In-person and virtual teams are able to have a dedicated space that allows them to communicate more effectively.

Work Café

As part of the mandate to make work-life simple, productive and enjoyable for the staff of this food services and facilities management company, the workplace has been designed with a focus on lifestyle. A broad range of furnishings and settings have been interspersed throughout the office to suit a variety of working styles. Here, a casual bar counter with high stools and lounge seating with low tables have been seamlessly joined together with a living tree as its centrepiece. These casual collaboration areas have been juxtaposed with the adjacent meeting room for more formal discussions.

Open Collaboration Zone

Fostering cross-functional synergies was one of our main objectives in the design for this global aerospace company. This was achieved through open collaboration zones dedicated to informal touchdown meetings, through the use of modular furniture and mobile whiteboards. Enclosed soundproof meeting pods are also available for more private conversations as well as reducing noise disturbances to nearby co-workers.


Making the most of the site’s breathtaking views was a key element in our design for a private wealth management firm. The boardroom has been strategically positioned to offer unobstructed views of the city skyline, creating a space befitting the company’s brand and high-end service offerings. Complemented by a neutral material palette and ergonomic furniture, it serves as the optimal setting for high-powered meetings and decision making.

Multi-purpose Training Room

Creating a dynamic and flexible work environment suited for productivity and collaboration was our primary objective in the design for this leading optical and digital precision technology manufacturer. Through the use of operable walls, this cluster of meeting rooms can be easily reconfigured in various ways to create different-sized event, training or townhall spaces that can accommodate up to 300 people.

Private Meeting Suite

Opulent furnishings and artisanal detailing take centre stage in the design of meeting suites for this Swiss private bank specialising in wealth and asset management. Hospitality-inspired amenities have been used to create a welcoming and contemporary space to host their high-net-worth clientele.

Meeting Pavilion in Lobby

Collaboration is not limited to occurring within the office. Our human-centric design aimed to maximize the utilization of the lobby space for both the visitors and tenants of a building that was specially designed to house chemicals, life sciences and IT companies. Inspired by the shape of molecules, the three meeting pavilions with their dramatic glass panels function as added capsules of space, blurring the lines between the interior and exterior.

The idea of the conventional meeting room has to be rethought as new ways of working and collaboration emerge. When employees are empowered to choose the type of environment they wish to collaborate in to suit the type of collaboration work they are doing, it allows them to easily engage in knowledge sharing, facilitate discussions and strengthen social ties at the workplace. Due to the ongoing health crisis, designing spaces that promote and encourage collaboration has become even more crucial.

Uncertain about how to begin? Consulting an experienced and reputable office renovation contractor is imperative in creating a workplace that is inspiring, stimulating and innovative. Let us help you navigate the fast-changing workplace landscape. Contact us today to find out how!