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Coming Together during the Pandemic

Coming Together during the Pandemic




23 Jul 2020

At the start of the year, none of us could have predicted how this pandemic would ultimately affect our community, businesses, let alone our employees. With 17 of ID21’s construction workers living in the infected dormitories, it’s needless to say we were definitely in the thick of the crisis.

It’s been a heart-warming experience over the past few months to see how our ID21 family took the initiative to support each other during this time of need.

Packing & Delivering Essentials 

Every week, volunteers from our organization helped to pick up groceries and other essentials, delivering them to our colleagues who were under lockdown.

“We know it is just the start of the Covid-19 crisis, there are more problems ahead. Let’s be positive, stay healthy and help each other where we can. Every effort counts.” – Jason Koh, Construction Manager

Keeping Open Lines of Communication

Keeping open lines of communication was vital in terms of helping our teams in the dormitories understand what was happening and help them stay calm. We wanted to assure them that the company had their back and would look after their well-being. Our HR Manager, Health & Safety Managers and Construction Managers made themselves available 24/7 for any special requests or needs.

“I’ve been working with ID21 for five years already, and I’ve been very happy at work then suddenly Covid-19 happened so I cannot go to work anymore. My company gave so much help during this time. They gave us our salary even though we can’t go to work, they provided food and took care of us, so I’m very happy with my company and my bosses. Thank you!”  – SohFik, General Worker

At ID21, we genuinely believe that the strength of the company lies in the strength of our people.