How to Incorporate Your Company’s Branding Into Your Office Space

How to Incorporate Your Company’s Branding Into Your Office Space




14 Apr 2021

Branding is arguably one of the company’s most important assets – It is the embodiment of the organisation and what it stands for and facilitates the creation of the company’s unique identity, to allow it to be distinguishable from its competitors. Organisations have at their disposal a plethora of branding elements they can make use of in their branding efforts, such as visual assets, advertisements, product packaging and website design. However, the powerful impact of branding one’s office space should not be disregarded.

The Importance of Creating a Brand Experience in the Office Space

Regardless of whether the organisation is customer-facing or business-facing, having an office interior design that is a tangible representation of the brand is paramount. From the moment a client steps into the office, the space has to communicate a clear and consistent articulation of the organisation’s identity.

The benefits of a well-designed office extend to employees as well. Research has shown that the workplace environment accounts for as much as 25 percent of job satisfaction, and can affect performance by as much as 5 percent for individuals and 11 percent for teams. The current health pandemic has also completely reshaped the way we work and communicate with one another. Workplace design has shifted towards a hybrid model – a blend of working from home and working in the office. Due to less time spent in the office, there have been fewer opportunities for employees to engage with their brand. This has incentivised organisations to reconsider how company culture and values can be reinforced in the limited time employees have in the office.

Working from home for extended periods has also taken a mental toll on employees. A recent global survey of employees showed that 75 percent of respondents reported feeling more socially isolated since the beginning of the pandemic. Hence, the pandemic has underscored the need to re-envision office spaces that prioritise well-being and a sense of belonging.

How can organisations make use of various design elements to showcase their brand and company ethos in a meaningful yet impactful way? Here are some examples:

Logo Feature Wall

How To Incorporate Your Companys Branding Into Your Office Space Singapore

Creating an inspiring first impression is crucial in engaging clients, partners and potential employees alike. For the entrance of the office of this leading wellness solutions company, we designed a feature wall using the client’s logo. The logo is surrounded by lush foliage, paying homage to the company’s use of natural ingredients in its products. Through showcasing the company’s logo boldly and compellingly, the company’s strong brand identity is emphasised.

Environmental Graphics   

Environmental graphics involves adopting the visual motifs of a brand – such as the brand logo, tagline, core values, brand colours and so forth, into the physical environment of a space. For the reception area of this Japanese electronics components manufacturer, the company’s tech-driven advancements and innovations have been showcased in a multi-faceted display of the company’s achievements.

For this leading insurance company, a three-dimensional centrepiece at the front-of-house depicts the Singapore skyline, adding a distinct localisation element to the office interior, as well as accentuating the office’s sleek open-plan office design.

Wall Murals

Similarly, having unique wall murals can help to reinforce the company’s identity as well as to effectively communicate the brand to the users of the space. It may also serve to spark creativity and conversation, as well as create a relaxing atmosphere in the office. At the office space of this global telecommunications firm, murals showcasing various places of attraction in Singapore have been hand-painted on various walls. This infusion of local elements in the satellite offices of multi-national companies allows employees to personally identify more with the brand, increasing emotional connection and engagement levels.

Interactive Brand Environment

Office spaces that also function as a showroom or retail space have an added impetus to ensure that their brand identity is tangibly represented in the spatial design of the office. Within the organically circulating showroom space of this leading wellness solutions company, products are displayed in a manner that encourages visitors to touch, feel and smell. This immersive solution allows visitors to fully experience the brand concept through the use of multisensorial cues.

Tech-enabled brand engagement takes centre stage at the showroom space of this global skin and personal care company, where touch screens and large-sized displays bring the brand story to life, creating a compelling and inspiring browsing experience.

The Importance of The Physical Space in Branding

Even in an increasingly digitalised and automated world, we should not underestimate the importance of the physical space to provide a personal and long-lasting impression to its users. To fully reap the benefits of a more engaged and satisfied client base and workforce, there has to be effective integration of the brand with its physical environment. This can be done through crafting spaces that embody various brand touchpoints where both clients and employees will interact with.

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