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ID21 Internship Academy: A Significant Beginning

ID21 Internship Academy: A Significant Beginning




05 May 2015

There comes a time during an organisation’s life when it is identified that shared experiences between the sector and academia are going to help groom and shape the next generation of talented and disciplined design professionals.

For us, this meant the launch and beginning of our highly-anticipated ID21 INTERNSHIP ACADEMY. The aim is not only the nurturing of design students, but also cultivating a spirit of mentorship and collaboration vis-a-vis our award-winning interior design team.

At ID21, we developed a three-month programme to train our interns to adapt the knowledge they acquire in school and teach them how to apply it in the real working world. We want to provide them with practical experience that will expose them to the realistic demands they will experience in a corporate workplace, yet allow them to flourish through personal and creative development.

The candidate we interviewed and selected was Lu Shixian, an Xtra scholarship recipient who had won Best Residential Design in the Nippon Paint Young Designer Award 2014.

After the internship at ID21, Shixian and her course mates were given a brief by Google Singapore to create innovative interior design solutions for their new office.

In her concept, she envisioned a workplace where users get to enjoy a hybrid of single work-pods that can be easily migrated and stacked to produce group user work spaces. In her words, “Collaboration and meeting spaces designed for users to interact anywhere, anytime.”

We are extremely proud to attend the Temasek Polytechnic graduation show and industry dialogue session to congratulate Shixian, the first graduate of the ID21 Internship Academy, as the winner of the Best Overall Design Award and one of only three students of the Interior Architecture & Design cohort to receive a distinction level score.

Ms Goh Su Han, Senior Lecturer at Temasek Polytechnic’s School of Design, shared her thoughts, “Shixian has been a consistent performer right from the first year… her modest demeanour meant that she is receptive to feedback on new approaches and ideas in design. She is a gem of a student and a star designer”.