ID21 Collaborates with Homegrown Lifestyle Brands To Launch Workplace Wellness Programme

ID21 Collaborates with Homegrown Lifestyle Brands To Launch Workplace Wellness Programme




15 Mar 2022

Wellness at Work is a client-focused initiative that spotlights employee well-being while supporting small businesses

Workplace design and build firm ID21 has joined hands with five local brands – BloomBack, Candles of Light, Rough Beauty, Teaspoon of Love, and Urban Yogis – to advocate wellness at the workplace.

The initiative, named Wellness at Work, will see these lifestyle brands offer bespoke corporate wellness workshops or exclusive perks to ID21’s clients, partners and vendors throughout the year on an opt-in basis. Activities range from floral therapy, scent and tea workshops to mind and body wellness sessions.

A recent survey found that nearly seven in 10 residents in Singapore said 2021 had been the most stressful one at work, with more than half struggling more with their mental health at work in 2021 than in 2020.

Ms Janet Ong, Founder and Managing Director of ID21, says, “Employee well-being has been brought to the fore with the pandemic, with many people feeling disconnected and burnt out. With the rise of the hybrid work model and gradual return to office, employees are seeking a sense of connection with others and belonging to their company. Companies need to rethink the employee experience and ensure that their workplace encourages meaningful collaboration and engagement.

“As an SME and individual entity, we may not be able to make a significant impact. By collaborating with like-minded brands and businesses, we hope that our collective efforts at normalising support for employees’ well-being can inspire real change.”

Wellness at Work aims to achieve the following three objectives:

1. To raise awareness of the importance of employee well-being against the backdrop of hybrid work arrangement

2. To encourage employers to take a more proactive and empathetic stance when it comes to helping their employees navigate the return to work amid a pandemic

3. To invite ID21’s clients, partners and vendors to rally behind local and sustainability-driven small businesses founded by young entrepreneurs

Supporting small businesses that are big on wellness and sustainability

Besides offering products or services that promote well-being, BloomBack, Candles of Light, Rough Beauty, Teaspoon of Love, and Urban Yogis also share a few things in common. All are founded or co-founded by female Singaporeans under 40 years of age, and incorporate sustainable practices in their business.

On the collaboration, Hazel Kweh, founder of BloomBack, says, “Having grown up in a family environment where both of my siblings struggled with mental conditions, I deeply resonate with and applaud the Wellness at Work initiative that ID21 came up with to raise awareness on the importance of employee wellness. We hope to inspire more people to reimagine their workplace experience through a conscious approach that supports one another.”

Daphne Tan, founder of Candles of Light, adds, “We are thrilled to be part of ID21’s Wellness at Work programme, to bring more awareness about supporting mental health and moments of mindfulness in a workplace environment. For us, scent plays a huge role in cultivating that.”

 “Wellness is something that resonates very much with me,” shares Lydia Lim, founder of Teaspoon of Love. “We hope to see more offices and companies embrace employee wellness, and put more thought into the lives of their employees…this is a good initiative to inspire thoughtful work culture.”

Ms Ong sums up, “Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something. The Wellness at Work initiative is ID21’s way of taking a small step towards an ambitious goal, and we encourage other companies to join us on this journey towards improving well-being at the workplace.”

About The Brands


Founder: Hazel Kweh, 37

In 2017, Hazel gave up a high-flying career as a financial adviser to set up her social enterprise, BloomBack.

Not an ordinary online florist, BloomBack is the result of Hazel’s dream to create a sustainable and socially-conscious company that pays it forward. It does so by conducting floral arrangement workshops to promote well-being, employing members of local marginalised communities, and repurposing flowers from weddings for distribution to old folks’ homes and hospices.

Bringing with her the passion and love to raise awareness for mental wellness, Hazel hopes to inspire people to make an impact on society through the act of spreading love with meaningful gifts.

Candles of Light

Founder: Daphne Tan, 38

Candles of Light (Light) was founded in 2016 after Daphne fell in love with creating natural scents, and travelled to France to pursue her love for perfumery.

Starting with handmade, naturally fragranced soy and beeswax candles using only the finest raw materials, the brand has expanded into a wider range of products.

These include handcrafted room and linen scents, botanical perfumes and a select range of inspired custom homeware pieces produced by regional artisans.

Daphne’s aim is to create a contemporary scent and lifestyle brand that incorporates Southeast Asian/Singaporean aesthetics with international appeal, producing high quality products which customers love.

Rough Beauty

Founder: Chew Jia Tian, 32

Rough Beauty was founded in 2014 by Jia Tian, a former staff nurse at Khoo Teck Puat Hospital.

As someone who used to wash her hands very often for her job, Jia Tian wanted to create bath and body products that are handcrafted with botanical ingredients that soothe and nourish the skin. Her products also focus strongly on sustainability and appeal to the environmentally conscious.

With a focus on an online-first approach to keep overheads low and its products affordable, Rough Beauty has since worked with brands and organisations including Shopee, Lazada, Far East Flora, Lee Hwa Jewellery, and the National University of Singapore.

Teaspoon of Love

Founders: Lydia Lim, 32 and Paulyn Lim, 59

Teaspoon of Love is an online tea company and bakery founded in 2019 after Lydia fell in love with the rich culture and history of tea. She realised that traditional teas created different taste profiles just like wine, depending on the terroir (environment, climate and place), and these teas were not readily accessible. As an avid tea-drinker, Lydia wanted to source and curate pure teas which are direct from small tea artisans, and let more people enjoy tea as nature intended.

With a focus on rare teas made by traditional and sustainable methods. Teaspoon of Love aims to deliver a modern approach to the ancient art of tea, and make tea a part of everyone’s daily wellness ritual. Besides tea and tea blends, the mother-and-daughter run business also sells tea-infused wholesome bakes produced in-house by Lydia’s mother.

Teaspoon of Love hopes to eventually expand into a teahouse presence where it can be a respite for people to unwind through tea and bakes.

Urban Yogis

Founders: Kathy Gabriel, 29 and Julie Moksim, 42

Founded in 2019, Urban Yogis was born out of the shared idea that yoga experiences are defined by the community of people who gather for a class, a workshop, a retreat, or informally for a chat in a coffee shop or even at the workplace. Yoga can be experienced anywhere, with freedom.

Urban Yogis is redefining the yoga experience for anyone looking for an edge through a personalised, authentic and immersive environment. Yoga can be accessible to everyone, and simple techniques can make a world of difference. 

Its founders, Julie and Kathy, believe that yoga can build strong and lasting communities through shared movement and life experiences. The duo seeks to offer new life and meaning to the urban landscape by bringing together people from various walks of life to vibrant settings across Singapore.

“Living well is simple. It all starts from breath. If we all learned how to breathe, we can transform ourselves, our relationships, our workplace wellness, and our communities. Imagine the possibilities! We endeavour to make yoga accessible to everyone by taking a breath-based approach to movement. If you can breathe, you can do yoga.” – Julie and Kathy