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Winner: International Design & Architecture Awards 2015

Winner: International Design & Architecture Awards 2015




29 Jun 2015

An Interview with the Designers of Country Garden

IDA: Tell us a little about ID21’s background in design
We are a workplace design specialist with the intuition and expertise to cross-transfer functional user experience exigencies into other categorical design applications such as showrooms, retail and residences. Our design studio is based in Singapore and we have on-going project presence across various parts of Hong Kong, Indonesia and Malaysia.

IDA: How would you describe ID21’s interior design style?
As purveyors of emergent design ideals in collaborative work and play spaces, the essence of our business and ethos is in enriching the co-creation journey with clients and users. At the end of the day, the socio-functional environments we create need to appeal and enhance a new generation of designers and users.

IDA: In what direction do you feel that design is moving towards in a general sense?
Design is progressively enhanced by the strategic implementation of technology within personal and corporate interfaces, with both having an allegorical yet critical impact on relationships built between humans, physical and virtual spaces.

We are incredibly excited about this cultural evolution and, therefore, developing dyadic learner programmes with academia through our ID21 Internship Academy. Future-proofing is a design aspect we take very seriously.

IDA: Where does your design inspiration come from?

Our inspiration comes from movements in time, perspectives and approaches. The symbolism of our namesake “beyond the 21st century” embodies the hopes we built 19 years ago when the company was founded. It is a vision of the future as the main catalyst of ideas. And as far as the future goes, this means a perpetuity of inspirations.

IDA: Name five key themes to consider when approaching design in 2015 and beyond.
– Application
– Experience
– Communication
– Clarity
– Sincerity

IDA: If you could offer one piece of advice when it comes to interior design schemes, what would it be?
Honesty and integrity from all aspects. Navigating any co-creation process will be more prolific and stimulating when stakeholders converge with the objective of openness in collaboration.

IDA: How important are The International Design and Architecture Awards as recognition of talent and achievement?
Besides the recognition accorded to our designers, this would mean developing new oriental-occidental channel streams for interior design.

IDA: What projects are you currently working on?
Many large scale workplace consultancy and design projects in Singapore, a flagship retail store for an iconic Italian brand in Hong Kong and a myriad of other interesting works for corporate and retail clients.

IDA: What are your aims and goals for the next twelve months?
To better understand the life-to-cradle process of design supplies so that we can truly propose and build designs based on harmonising aesthetics with sustainability.