Our Expertise

Our combined services can offer you a complete solution for a smoother project delivery.

Our Expertise


With years of experience, we have in-depth knowledge of our trade.
We pair you with the right experts on our team who can advise and guide you through the fast-changing workplace landscape.


Designing an office interior is not just about aesthetics.
Integrating modern interior design strategies that combine both creative and technical is key to an efficient workplace design.


Our organized and controlled design implementation from start to finish allows us to deliver projects to the highest quality, on-time and on-budget.

Design Concept &

Our team of multi-disciplinary interior designers will work closely together with your organisation to understand your design objectives.
From there, we will provide different corporate interior design concepts to help you see the bigger picture.

Space Planning

Space planning is at the core of any commercial office renovation - especially in Singapore.
As experts in this field, we will advise on a layout that aligns with your business objectives.
A well-planned workspace fosters collaborative attitudes - allowing for inspiration and increased productivity.

Environmental Branding

Elevate your office interior design through environmental branding.
Through this concept, we will create meaningful commercial spaces that are conducive to experiences that are reflective of your company’s brand and culture.

M&E Engineering

With an in-house M&E Engineering capability, we ensure that the M&E infrastructure at the heart of your office is fully integrated into the commercial interior design and is safe, reliable, and efficient.